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I Yearn to Travel

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Bumpy road, old tires rumbling over the rocks. Bright morning sunlight streaming in through the windows of the Creamsicle colored VW bus. The white lace curtains swing back and forth as the bus rocks in motion, chugging up the hill. I glance over at my speckled grey Australian Shepherd, lounging on the beat-up passenger seat next to me. Her snout leaning out the bus window, inhaling the dusty road. Her eyes intently fixed on the passing cactus, searching for small rodents to hunt. My hand reaches for the radio dial, turning it up as the sweet guitar plucking reaches our ears. 

This is what I dream for. To spend my days traveling, going to places like Zion National Park, Mt. Rainier, or Yosemite. I yearn to explore and see with my own eyes the places that I’ve heard so much about from Youtube videos, Pinterest pins, and how-to articles telling me the best ways to camp or where exactly to travel to.

There is so much I want to see in this world. A plethora of back-roads, mountains, rivers and streams, cultures, food to shock my taste buds, the list goes on. I have a hunger, a craving, to explore. I dream of the day I can live out of a van, welcoming all of the struggles that come with it.

I struggle with being content in the “now.” Being in school, working towards my degree, is a wonderful privilege I have, that I am extremely grateful for. But there’s always the part of me that wishes I was traveling, exploring the unknowns of the world. At least, they’re unknown to me. I want to hike up to the mountain peak to see sunset, or wake up in the early morning hours. To brush the dew off of the tent as I slowly unzip it, the only sounds the birds awakening, sip warm cider, and watch as the orange brilliance rises over the horizon. These moments, I have imagined in my head. I’ve seen them in movies. Now I want to experience them for myself. To see if it’s really all what they say it is. Because I believe it’s every bit as wonderful as I’ve imagined.

For now, I create lists, Pinterest boards, and hang wonderful photography images up in my room to inspire me. I will get there. It might not be right now, but some day.

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