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The Sunday Slump

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Sunday Slump: (noun)
Feeling as though adventure is nonexistent, only dreadful work awaits your future.

The Sunday Slump hits like a brick wall. It might not even hit on an actual Sunday. I feel the overwhelming sense that the day or week will not be my cup of tea. I want to curl up in one of the vibrant hammocks I saw in Belize and wait until the work I have to do walks away. There are no travels in my future, just work. And not the good kind. I get the sleepy, bored, anxious feeling. Knowing that all I want is to go and explore. Climbing mountains, sleeping beneath stars, listening to the crickets and birds as they call out to one another. Staying in one place creates an uncomfortable feeling for me. I feel that I’m wasting time, not seeing the wonders of the world.

Capturing these moments when I do have a chance to spend time in nature is calming for me. These times I feel closest to God, and am amazed at the beauty He has created. When I am in these Sunday Slumps, I’m able to reflect back on those times, edit the photos, and revel in their beauty.

Almost every single night I wish that I was instead sleeping out underneath the trees, starlight in my eyes.

Instagram connects me back to this world. As I scroll through my feed, I am reminded of all of the beautiful places that are attainable to me. It’s encouraging to hear from so many photographers, @michaelflugstad, @adventureconwards, just to name a few, that it doesn’t cost much a lot of times to go out and explore. It’s about saving costs, and focusing on spending time out in nature. Watching their vlogs as well is an even better way that connects my ideas with realities. To see people my age out there exploring the world is inspiring. They’re putting in work to make sure they meet their goals, and explore the world at the same time. These are the type of people I often look up to.

I’m sure I will look back on this time in my life and be grateful for it. Right now though it can be difficult. I want to feel the wind through my hair as I roll the window down, the car bumping through the backroads of the Badlands. For now I’ll have to settle for my hair getting messed up on the way to class. Finding the motivation to work on school can be challenging at times, but I know my goal of graduating will help me work hard.

My next step is planning trips for the future. I’m hopeful they will occur sooner than I think. Let me know if you have any suggestions on places in the Badlands to hike to or camp at!

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