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Fake Social Media

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I often dream that I’m missing out on things.

It always seems that I’m not apart of important conversations, intellectually stimulating moments, or just missing out on people enjoying themselves.

This mainly comes from the persona that comes with social media. It’s literally living life through a lens. Of rose colored glasses. I am constantly opening my phone and pressing my thumb to the social media apps.




There are always new updates of people posting who they’re hanging out with, laughing about a hilarious moment while studying, or their amazing view while traveling. Whether or not I’m consciously thinking about it, I envy them a little.

Ecclesiastes 4:4                                                           And I saw that all toil and all achievement spring from one person’s envy of another. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.

This envy or jealousy is not healthy. God has provided everything for me. He has blessed my life in so many ways, but it seems so easy to get caught up in analyzing everyone else’s lives and their blessings. I often catch myself having thoughts such as, “but why can’t I have their blessings? Lucky them!!”

That’s the thing about social media though. People post the good, not the bad. We choose to post the highlights of our life. We want others to see how wonderful certain moments are, so we share those. We don’t see when others are suffering or are in pain. We see their lives through rose-colored glasses.

We need to remind ourselves that everyone is human. Everyone has good and bad days. We cannot put others up on a pedestal, believing that they’re perfect or close to it. Sometimes it is so difficult to imagine that everyone else is constantly thinking, having conscious thoughts, just as I do. They watch me as I cross the campus, have a thought about me possibly, and then move on with their day. They plan out their schedule for their week, work on studying for exams or projects, and have extracurriculars. It is insane to think that everyone is that complex. But it’s true. Everyone is. With that being said, we’re all just human.

“What a treacherous thing to believe that a person is more than a person.” – John Green

Overall, I’ve learned that I’m not missing out on the things I thought were so great. Often, it’s more boring than I could’ve ever imagined. So don’t worry if you see others laughing in a snapchat video, or an image of a group of friends out on a Saturday. It might’ve been staged, and those smiles could be fake.

Keep living life to make yourself happy. Post the things that bring you joy. I love social media too, and am constantly on it. Just remember that everyone else is posting the “good”, and that there’s more to life, including your own, than those social media apps.

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2 thoughts on “Fake Social Media

  1. Very well said. I hate glamorising travel but I do it .. we all do. I love your suggestion of not having to let the good pictures affect your day…because everyone has bad days and we must not forget that no one shows it. we only show the rosy side…lets be more human… I hope the world changes for the good someday..

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  2. I strive to let people in my social media world know the real me and what’s going on in my life… Often times, the majority of my photos are of the ocean because I live on the beach. While many of my friends who don’t live near the water envy me, they also know the reason why I snap so many photos of the beach I live on is because most if not all of my monthly income as a teacher goes towards paying the rent for my apartment. Fortunately the ocean serves as an amazing source of inspiration for me as a teacher, writer and self-reflector. It also provides me with endless hours of free entertainment.


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