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Stuck in a Rut

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hi friends!

Do you ever feel like days, weeks, and months have passed in a very monotonous way? That your days are a constant routine filled with the same drive, same steps walked, and same conversations had? I felt this way a couple weeks ago, and I hated it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m almost the number one fan of Routine. But it gets so gosh darn BORING! I’ve been craving adventure, more moments of laughter, and more creativity flowing. Summer is great because it’s about relaxing and chillen out. I just feel that my brain becomes a little too mush during these months though. I need to be inspired and have thought-provoking instances.

So I made a conscious effort to change my habits. Instead of lollygagging around my house for the few morning hours before my shift at work, I decided to head over to my local pool and lather up the sunscreen to work on my tan. I could dip in the refreshing crystal blue water, and catch up more chapters of Wild by Cheryl Strayed. (I highly highly highly recommend that book if you’re looking for an adventure novel that also involves personal growth) Then I would rush back for a quick rinse off, pack my lunch or dinner, and run off to work! This way, I was in a much better mood, and felt that I had done more with my day, even though it was only so minuscule!

Other days, I’ve gone to the gym instead. Not only has this greatly helped boost my mood, I feel more accomplished. Working towards the goal of becoming more fit and slim makes me focus even more, and I feel more motivated. Going to workout with friends or my brother is great as well.

When I have more spare time, on the days I don’t work, I’ve felt even more of a pull to get out of the house. I almost feel like it’s FOMO. (Fear Of Missing Out)  Most of the time there’s not one particular event I feel like I’m missing out on; it’s just LIFE in general. I want to experience it all! I don’t want to miss out on opportunities or skip a sunset that I could’ve marveled at. This life is too short, and I know it can be taken from you before you think your time is up.

So for example, yesterday I had the whole afternoon off. My mom suggested we take our dog Lillie out for a walk, and of course I happily jumped at the chance. It was a beautiful summer evening out. Sunny and mid 70s, with a slight breeze. Sliding on my birkenstocks and leaf-printed shorts, we drove the few minutes to the spot. Tons of people were out walking, running, or biking next to the lake. We passed groups of friends laughing around the campfire as they started to set up a dinner, others swimming in the water, and young girls swinging in their hammocks together. The tall trees swayed in the breeze, and the greenery enclosed around us. I felt as if I was truly separated from the rest of the world for a moment. Wildflowers grew everywhere, and I stopped many times, making my dog stop as well. She would turn to me as if to say, “come on Grace, I’m here for the walk, not the silly flowers!” But I reveled in their beauty 🙂  I desperately wanted to pick a bouquet. Of course though, I care so much about the environment, and know that this is not a smart decision. So this small action, driving a couple minutes from our home, simply going for a walk with our dog, greatly lifted both my mom’s and my mood. Getting out and experiencing life is what it’s all about.

Whether it’s about making giant changes in your daily schedule, or simply going to your local craft store to pick up a couple crafts supplies for that night, shake it up a bit! There’s nothing wrong with a little change. Don’t be afraid to try new things either. You might find you greatly enjoy it, and it could become a new hobby, or you might meet a new friend! In the next few weeks I’ll talk about how my choice to go to a new church greatly impacted my summer outlook.

I hope you have a great week, and remember to look out for those small adventures!



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