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yellow golden songs

Here’s a list of ten songs that have recently made my soul sing with joy!

music notes mn

(they might not be your cup of tea, which is totally fine by me. please let me know what songs you think I should listen to of your favorites!)

I imagine you all sitting in a coffee shop rolling your eyes at the obvious indie choices…but smiling because you know that they’re really awesome (:

  1. ocean eyes     by   Billie Eilish
  2. Past Lives     by   BORNS
  3. Messengers     by   Jared & The Mill
  4. Reckless Love     by   Bleachers, Elle King
  5. Death of a Bachelor     by   Panic! at the Disco ***special honorable mention***
  6. Brother (live from the Woods version*)     by   NEEDTOBREATHE
  7. Goodbye belongs to You     by   Matt Hartke
  8. Terraform     by   Novo Amor    (LOVE LOVE LOVE)
  9. Glory     by   Dermot Kennedy
  10. Africa     by   Toto      (oldie but a goodie)


Let me know if these peaked your interest at all!

peace and blessings



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